Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Pets In Dollhouses

This kitten belongs to Marie, the admin from the Allthingsmini website and forum.
The kitten was only 8 weeks old.

This dog, and her dollhouse counterpart helping with the laundry belong to Ara of the Addam's Family Mini Mansion Blog.
You can send your pictures of your pets or dollhouse animals in to me any time!


Linda said...

That kitten is so darling!! <3 <3 <3

Paloma said...

Very cute!!!! LOL


Judy C said...

How wonderful. I don't know if I could make pets. I haven't tried. But the concept is wonderful so I will.

moti said...

hi, so sweet and funny!!!!!



MiniKat said...

The cuteness of that kitten is staggering. ;-)

You should hop over to Katie's Clay Corner. She has tons of pictures of her orange tabby, Otis, inside her minis. I bet she would love to see him here.

shannonmari3 said...

Oh my gosh! That second kitten photo is to die for!! I could die from cuteness.

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