Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miniature Compost Bin

Every modern dollhouse needs a compost bin, surely! (Though citrus isn't a good thing for compost bins...)
From Janit of Etsy and Two Green Thumbs.

Hair Dresser

A hairdressing salon by Dmmalva. Click to make it bigger!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Leaky Cauldron

This is The Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter. Made by Mary Ciccolella.

It's the first bump of the building on the left- the others are parts of Diagon Alley.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Living Room

This is by Amyla174
The photos on the wall are actually her ancestors. Stunningly old fashioned and a unique style!

How to Take Good Photos of your Miniatures

I’m often sent photos that I cannot put up due to their quality. This is very unfortunate as often the miniatures themselves are gorgeous!

Here’s some tips on how ordinary people can take good photos of miniatures- if you have any other tips, please comment and I’ll edit them in!

1. Use the macro setting on your camera for close ups of small objects. Then don’t use the zoom if you can help it- move the camera close to the objects.

2. Don’t use flash on macro setting or when the camera is too close to the objects. Yes, you heard me. This results in washed out photos. Instead, take your photos in daylight, close to a window or even better, outside. Flash for a photo of a whole room is okay, but it often means that the colours don’t look natural- it heightens the fact that your work is a miniature.

3. Keep the camera steady. This is especially important if you are not using a flash. It will reduce the blurring effect.

4. Remove the ‘rubbish’ from around your miniature. If you want to show off what you’ve just done to the world, it doesn’t look good to have your half finished snacks behind the miniatures. If you can, also take the miniature off the craft mat and put it somewhere more elegant. (Exceptions: work in progress photos)

5. If there’s glass, be careful of reflections.

Hopefully this will help someone!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Study

These three photos are from Josje, the lady who also made the stunning Dutch kitchen- in fact, this is in the same house. It's a two storey library/study, with a reading nook next to the fireplace (seen in the second photo), a craft table and a desk. These three photos really don't do it justice. It's also not completed, imagine how fantastic it'll look when it is!

I'm Back

Hi everyone, I'm back. Had a great time, but came home to some sad news about our dog being irreparably injured, and four assignments and an exam- still not done with those, but I will try to update a little!

Remember to send me your photos!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Modern Living Room

Same room, just decorated differently/moved around with the seasons! It is by Linda Gavin.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm going away for two weeks as of tomorrow- I'm going to be a student teacher 5 hours away from home! I'll still try to update, however it'll be difficult, as the 'list' of updates are bookmarked on this computer, and I might not have internet, and I also might not be able to download photos, if I'm on a public computer. (We'll see.)

If you'd like to help, please email me your photos to Livinginthepast_minis@yahoo.com.au it will make it much easier for me! Don't be shy either. :)

I'm so impressed that I have 99 followers now! Thanks guys/ladies! And thanks for commenting. When you comment, you're not commenting to *me* most of the time- you're commenting to the artists, who yes, do check the blog to see the responses. So it's great to see when people do do that.

If you'd like to follow me on twitter, I'd love it. I link to the entries, and also discuss things. Feel free to say hi!

I'd like to make this blog extremely popular, to get the word out about the hobby- so, thanks SO much to those who tell their friends, forums, clubs, and blog readers about fluffybricks, particularly those who are telling non miniaturists. It really brightens my day when I look at my stats and see that a site has linked to me.

See you soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Modern Dollhouse

This is a very different, modern, dollhouse. It features a bedroom area, bathroom, kitchen/dining and living area, as well as a garden on the roof!

"Here are photos of the Mini House 1 finished.
The house is 1:12 scale built from MDF and painted with a primer coat ready for customization. "
This is from Wes, over at MyModernMini.
And it's available for sale!
What would *you* do with it?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art Deco Kitchen

This is a continuation of photos of the Art Deco House featured back in December, with these Two Entries
Click the above two links to see the rest of the house, decked out for Christmas.
Here is the art deco kitchen, and an additional one of her new sofa in the study. Isn't it lovely!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Addam's Family Organ

This is a lovely organ from Ara, who is making an Addam's Family Mansion. It's for Lurch. The keys actually move, and something may or may not be living in the back of it...

"There are a few details to note.... the back of the organ has the Addams Family crest. I took it from the first movie when they showed it on one of the graves. Their credo is "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". Not sure if you can see but the crest contains three heads (all of a lioness I think) where the first head is angry, the next has a foot sticking out of its mouth and the last is smiling with its tongue out!! So funny, I was laughing when I finally put the credo and the crest together in my head..... I love set designers.... such a sense of humor."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tickled To Tears By Butterflies

This beautiful fairy scene was created by Surreal Garden Miniatures (The same woman who made the butterflies in a previous post) and is called 'Tickled to Tears By Butterflies'.

A young butterfly fairy has an important duty- to sprinkle her ultraviolet (only visible to butterflies and fairies) butterfly-attracting fairy dust on flowers, so that they may pollenate via butterfly. As this weightless little fairy is figuring out her coordination of her new wings, she trips on a fairyring of mushrooms throwing her wings out of sync, and falling to the ground. She loses her grip on her fairydust bag and wand, splashing the fairydust all over herself. The butterflies quickly cling to her- leaving the helpless young fairy pinned to the ground getting tickled to tears by the butterflies.
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