Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food From a Singaporean Miniaturist

Carrot Cake!

Tea cake

Cream puffs

Chinese dumplings.

Malay Ketupats ( a mix between sweet satay meat and a rice cake)

This needs an explanation! " Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert of two small pancakes wrapped around a generous filling of sweet redbeans. Some may remember it better as Doraemon's favourite treat! :)"

For the Japanese food lovers, this is a basic favourite dish of Japanese fare. Salmon nigiri is a must for most when dining at sushi bars! :)

This is a set of 6 miniature salmon sushi (nigiri) with a small scoop of wasabi on a simple wooden board.

AiClay is an amazingly talented young woman from Sinagpore. She says she likes making food from non European cultures, but "sometimes I can't run away from the occasional cupcakes or cake!" She also has a blog.

Aiclay requests that you do not use her photos without permission from her. Thanks!


Oese said...

to look at this makes me hungry - what a great talent!

Anonymous said...

oh wow she is amazingly talented i didn't even know it was miniature play food i thought it was real until i saw the picture with your finger in it! wow that is incredible! she is very very talented :D

Pretty Fun said...

WOW! I kept scrolling through the pictures thinking, "oh, that's my favorite...no, that's my favorite..." I think I like the waffle cones the best!

Jocelyn Teo (AiClay) said...

Aww thanks for the flattering comments guys! and thanks Liwie for featuring me!! :) it's an absolute honour! :) and by the way, that's my finger there. hahah! :) I really enjoyed sculpting all of them, so I'm glad you guys enjoyed looking at them too! :)

Jed Bramwell said...

FABULOUS!!!! thems is making me mouth water!!

jocelyn teo said...

thank you Jed Bramwell! :) i rarely have comments on my own personal craft blog, so i'm ravishing in these here! :) haha. ohh and if possible, give my blog some love too! :)

Erna said...

Oh Yummy.....your food looks good enough to eat. Your work is stunning, it will keep us coming back for more.
Cape Town

Fern said...

Oh man! These look totally edible! I was waiting for a picture of you popping on inside your mouth, LOL! Then I checked out AiClay's blog & they're fake food (she had sushi earrings on there!). I enjoyed this find! Thanks for sharing.

jocelyn teo said...

thanks guys! :) and yup, i do have a pair of sushi earrings in my Etsy shop! (http://aiclay.etsy.com)

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