Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trash To Treasure

Tanya from Atlanta
likes to make miniatures from bits and pieces. In fact, many miniaturists do! Good looking miniatures do not have to be expensive, and I think the above photos demonstrate this well.

These salon chairs were made from erasers, wire, and jenga pieces! The sink was made with the help of a ladybug shell from a cheap shop! But isn't the result spectacular? Do you make anything like this? I hope to share more from Tanya soon.


Anonymous said...

very nice :) i have enough trouble making scrambled eggs :D

Shyam Sunder said...

Very interesting miniatures, not just this posting but all of them.

Fern said...

Those are FUN! I'm not good at making miniature anything... I think she's talented :)
Thanks for sharing!

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