Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bar Part 1

Printed out the chip bags and the matches.

It was fun to put in some personal touches. On this tv i glued a shot of a Kansas State football game. On the other tv I glued in a shot of the show "Don't Forget the Lyrics" as we watched that show every Thurs. when I went after our late night at the shop.

Main cooler. Used the plastic needlepoint canvas for shelves. Should have more bottles, but I got tired of making them!

By Annie. "This was made for a friend that owns a neighborhood bar that I frequent occasionally."


marlies said...

Its looks great, but here you may not smoke in the bar! ;)
* marlies

Anonymous said...

That bar is great! I bet you got tired of making bottles. That is the part that I dislike the most is repition if you have to make a lot of one thing. But this is great and well done!

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