Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bar Part 2

Close up. I bought a few bottles, but made most out of fimo. The glasses were made from tubing and tiny baby bottles found at hobby lobby that i sawed of the nipple part. Hated my stools. I need to learn to weld or something!

I liked how the skull came out. This project was my first attempt w/ fimo and some is really bad. The pool cues are skewers.

The miniature bar in comparison with a human hand.
The real bar.

By Annie. "This was made for a friend that owns a neighborhood bar that I frequent occasionally."

Make sure to look at The Bar Part 1


Debbie said...

It looks wonderful, so much attention to detail. Brilliant.

Sans said...

It is a great piece of work! Almost a spitting image. You shouldn't hate your stools. :D They look like the real thing? I am exhausted just looking at the time you must have taken to make all that bottles!

marlies said...

All very well filled with the bottles, looks realy good!
* marlies

St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

ooh WOW! It looks really awesome!
You did a wonderful job on it!

Jean Day said...

Terrific, thank you so much for sharing. Love the bottles!

Eva said...

wow!! It Looks like the real, don't it?
You have done a great work

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