Monday, June 1, 2009

Tickled To Tears By Butterflies

This beautiful fairy scene was created by Surreal Garden Miniatures (The same woman who made the butterflies in a previous post) and is called 'Tickled to Tears By Butterflies'.

A young butterfly fairy has an important duty- to sprinkle her ultraviolet (only visible to butterflies and fairies) butterfly-attracting fairy dust on flowers, so that they may pollenate via butterfly. As this weightless little fairy is figuring out her coordination of her new wings, she trips on a fairyring of mushrooms throwing her wings out of sync, and falling to the ground. She loses her grip on her fairydust bag and wand, splashing the fairydust all over herself. The butterflies quickly cling to her- leaving the helpless young fairy pinned to the ground getting tickled to tears by the butterflies.


madge1967 said...

Your butterfky fairy is just too cute! I fell like she is real!
I wish I had your talent!
Melissa from GA

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I love those mushrooms! Incredible!

kimsminiatures said...

This is so lovely. It just makes you want to smile. Mini hugs!

Our Genes Are Crafty said...

Oh, that is just amazing lovely!! I adore it! :)

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