Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to Take Good Photos of your Miniatures

I’m often sent photos that I cannot put up due to their quality. This is very unfortunate as often the miniatures themselves are gorgeous!

Here’s some tips on how ordinary people can take good photos of miniatures- if you have any other tips, please comment and I’ll edit them in!

1. Use the macro setting on your camera for close ups of small objects. Then don’t use the zoom if you can help it- move the camera close to the objects.

2. Don’t use flash on macro setting or when the camera is too close to the objects. Yes, you heard me. This results in washed out photos. Instead, take your photos in daylight, close to a window or even better, outside. Flash for a photo of a whole room is okay, but it often means that the colours don’t look natural- it heightens the fact that your work is a miniature.

3. Keep the camera steady. This is especially important if you are not using a flash. It will reduce the blurring effect.

4. Remove the ‘rubbish’ from around your miniature. If you want to show off what you’ve just done to the world, it doesn’t look good to have your half finished snacks behind the miniatures. If you can, also take the miniature off the craft mat and put it somewhere more elegant. (Exceptions: work in progress photos)

5. If there’s glass, be careful of reflections.

Hopefully this will help someone!


Sans said...

These tips are very useful! Thank you!

Eva said...

Thanks, it is very difficult sometimes to take good photos of miniatures!!
I take a lot and not manytimes I am not feel really satisfied!

moti said...

thank you sooooooo much for these tips!!!!! I´m not good at taking pictures!!!!! ,thank you for sharing!!!


Autumn said...

Use a tripod, while you do those other things.. a tripod will keep the camera steady enough.

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing your tips! :)

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