Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Living Room

This is by Amyla174
The photos on the wall are actually her ancestors. Stunningly old fashioned and a unique style!


Sans said...

I have known about her work for sometime now. She is a TRUE TRUE inspiration for me. She makes many of her things, I believe and she is an artist in real life. Every single thing in there is gorgeous even the shell she placed so aptly on that shelf! lol, I am a hopeless fan!

Eva said...

This is one of my favourites dollhouses. It is so real and beautiful.
Like Sans I have know about her work for sometime ago and it is amazing.

Living said...

Well you'll be pleased to know then that I'm going to be putting up more of her work over the next few months! She's amazing.

dora said...

Precioso, de un realismo aplastante. Me encanta la armonia, y la atmosfera tranquila que refleja la escena.

Paloma said...

I'm impressed with these photos. All it's perfect, and it's looks so real...!!!!!
I wouldn't Know of her page, but now I'll visit it frecuently.
Bets regards,


amy said...

I'm so excited to see my little living room here on Fluffy Bricks, and to read such lovely comments! My doll houses bring me the kind of joy all we miniaturists truly understand-creating just for the pure joy of creating-and the challenge of making our worlds (and our dreams) over in tiny form! Thank you so so much!


Little Luxuries said...

This is gorgeous and so incredibly realistic. The sofa alone is a breathtaking piece; did she make that herself?

Chianne said...

When can I move in? Seriously, what a lovely well lived in little house. Its beautiful.

chatoncrafts said...

This is all new to me! The detail is amazing...this is my kind of house...wish I could move in ;)

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