Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question 2 : Comparative Sizes of Lego and Miniatures

Can standard miniatures be used to play with Playmobil and/or Lego (or Duplo)?
Just size wise...

A question by Athaclena

Usually, no. Playmobil and Lego (and Duplo) are much smaller sizes than the 'standard' dollhouse scale of 1:12. (one inch equals a foot, so a 6 inch tall doll would represent a 6 foot tall person). Your little lego, duplo or playmobil people would be dwarfed by 1:12 scale furniture and most accessories. However dollhouse miniatures come in different scales, and some might be right.
However! You can use duplo, lego and probably playmobil in 1:12 scale dollhouses! The bricks can be used to build the dollhouse facades, and the lego accessories can be used in dollhouses sometimes.
Does anyone have other thoughts?

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