Thursday, September 3, 2009

What you can do with Lego!

Pubdolls quite often makes dollhouse miniatures out of lego pieces. Can you spot what is lego?


Petra said...

that is so great, isn't it?

PAKY said...

Genial, queda muy muy bonito y original, parece decorado con mobiliario de ikea, felicidades

Pubdoll said...

Thank you for posting my lego work!
Y gracias PAKY, parece decorado con mobiliario de ikea, es un complemento fantástico :-)

Steve said...

Wow. Incredibly realistic!

Sans! said...

Have you seen those she exhibited at the Stavangar Show? Especially when Nora and Polly took a break in Karl's apartment in between walking the fair ? :) Pubdoll is the Lego Dollhouse Queen :)

Mukund said...

I really love those! It's pretty realistic and amazes me! Awesome collection of photos!
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José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


I'm a firmer believer that LEGO is one of the best things that was invented and one of the best "toys" that a parent can offer.
Unfortunately, it seems to have lost alot of its attraction to new tech toys.
It was great when we were kids and would go to each other places and make those LEGO constructions, wasn't it ?

Have a nice weekend,


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