Thursday, September 10, 2009

Question Time

I've decided that I will occasionally answer questions that people have asked. In the comments you are welcome to add to my thoughts, or ask further questions that I will feature later, or you can email me a question. Newbie questions are especially welcome!


I never had adollhouse miniature...are they made out of wood or paper;The dolls and furniture, are they made of wood also;You make everything by yourself or you buy the basic?

Thanks for the question! Dollhouse miniatures are made from a wide variety of products- wood (for furniture), resin, polymer clay, fabric, paper (more for books and other things that would usually be paper in full size. The houses and furniture are very rarely paper), porcelain, metal, plastic... Any kind of matter you see in real life you can probably have as a material to make dollhouse miniatures out of.
The dolls are very very rarely made from wood- they're more usually porcelain or polymer clay, held together with wire, dressed with fabrics and wigged with a kind of viscose.
The furniture is indeed often wood, but it can be made from resin (then painted), plastic (for more modern furniture) or metal. I've seen some fabulous pieces of furniture made from cardboard and foam. It is then padded or covered with fabric.

Do we make everything ourselves, or buy the basics? Either! Most people do a mix. Some pieces are made in a factory and sold in miniatures shops. Others are made by people, and then sold to miniatures shops (or they have their own shop of their products). Other pieces are made and swapped for what people can't make themselves (for example, I swapped some miniature hot dogs for some lace doilies for on dollhouse dining room tables/side tables) , or you try making it yourself. Really, it's up to your own abilities and wallet.

I hope that answered your question!

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