Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alice In Wonderland In A Book

This is one from the Miniatures Festival I was involved in on the weekend. One of my good friends there, Molly, created this Alice in Wonderland scene. Unfortunately I wasn't doing so well at taking photos! So the writing is a bit fuzzy. But you can see the glass table she used with the key on it, and the teeny tiny door behind the red curtain that Alice will go through once she shrinks again. I really like how she (and other people at the club) put book scenes inside books. I took a couple of pictures of my favourites, and they'll be shown in the coming weeks/months. Thanks Molly!

And a reminder about the competition!


Debbie said...

Lovely little Vignette..

The Carolina Quilter said...

What a cute little Alice! In searching for photos, you may want to visit inPayne. He features his wife's dollhouses and they are wonderful, http://www.inpayne.com/dollhouse/dollhousefrontpage.html. I've asked his permission to show some of her interiors on my blog and he has granted it.


Ara said...

This is too cute. I bet there will be a lot of new Alice in Wonderland popping up because of the new movie!! -ara

Sheryl said...

Oh, wow, what a darling concept and lovely execution! Very charming.

Noble Beeyotch said...

I am hooked on to your site now. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing world of miniatures!

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