Saturday, August 8, 2009

Muddy End

This gorgeous house, "Muddy End", the swamp witch's house, is by Soletluna. She is currently working on a workshop in the style of Muddy End - although smaller for time-sake.
You can find her website here


Sheryl said...

The imagination, care, and craft of the miniatures that appear on this blog constantly amaze me. "Muddy End" is absolutely wonderful.

And so are the other miniatures that you post here. Thank you for Fluffy Bricks!

Noble Beeyotch said...

these are so pretty!!

Cate and David said...

Thank you so much for posting about Muddy End, Living! This house has been so much fun; not only building it but people's reactions to it since!
Thank you again! :)

Debbie said...

I love Muddy End..x
Cate and David also have a blog :-

The Carolina Quilter said...

I have seen pix of Muddy End on CDHM and love it! I especially love the swamp with the little frog swimming around! Wonderful.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

This is my favourite mini house ever!The lady that made it is lovely and really clever to have made this.
I found it on these site several months ago and it inspired me to make something similar for myself.

PAKY said...

I like how Muddy End has done the house, it's very well made

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