Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pods- Modern Dollhouses

These 'pods' are by Paris Renfroe of Renfroe Designs. He's made these modern Container pods for your modern dollhouse people to attach together and live in- note the ladder to get to the next pod? A truly unique dollhouse could be created using these! Make sure to check out the links to see more photos!

"The M112 POD is a miniature 1:12 scale replica of an actual shipping container that has been converted into a living space. Abandoned shipping containers are fast becoming a usable resource in green building and are being used in condo, hotel, dorm, commercial, and residential construction."


The Carolina Quilter said...

Had missed this entry. At first I thought these were mini railroad/transfer truck boxes. I'm not a huge fan of post-modern decor but these are quite well done, sleek and contemporary and so to scale, you wouldn't know they were mini just looking at the interiors.


Noble Beeyotch said...

This dollhouses are so pretty!

lizette virissimo said...

I always wanted a dollhouse as a young girl, but this is definitely not what i had in mind. i think this one belongs in the contemporary section of an art museum for sure. someone should make a 'green' or 'eco' dollhouse now! ;)

can i post this to my blog?


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