Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interiors of a 1:16 Dollhouse

"My houses are Lundby houses in 1:16th scale, but I usually change the wall surfaces and alter much of the furniture. These photos show the bedroom and basement living room in my oldest Lundby house. I have made the bookshelf and some of the lamps myself. The bathroom is from my newest house, the Lundby Stockholm and the house came with those walls, and the furniture is also Lundby, but I have found the accessories and done the lighting."

These photos are from Pubdoll.
Also everyone, don't forget that the competition ends on Thursday. Which means I'll wait until Australian time zone Friday to make sure Thursday is over everywhere. It's not too late to talk about Fluffybricks, twitter, post entries, or comment!


Sans said...

Ohhhhh I know these rooms all too well :). Gorgeous!! The Oriental Room is a big inspiration for me :). And you should see her pub! Especially when it is noisy with big haired women and men with eye liners :)

Eva said...

beautiful house, I love the light in the picture. looks real!

The Carolina Quilter said...

These interiors are quite beautiful! I love the lighting as well.


Maria. said...

I love this house! It's cool that you mixed old furniture with the new Lundby ones. I'm about to start renovating my Lundby house from ca 1985 and I think that your blog will come in very handy!


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