Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advertising on Fluffy Bricks

You'll now see in the About Me section on the side of the blog that you can now advertise your shop, club, or website with Fluffy Bricks for the cheap price of $10. Reach hundreds of miniaturists, and you're on the front page for at least two weeks, almost a month. You can also advertise your Ebay listings for the even cheaper price of $2 a listing, less if I decide to use your photo of your listed item on the blog! The items you are selling merely have to be dollhouse miniatures, they do not have to be stunning or hand made (but if they are, you're more likely to get the cheaper price on the blog entry!)
Payment will be via paypal, please email me with any enquiries.

However, keep sending in your show off photos, the credits are free advertising! Plus everyone will love seeing them. :)

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