Saturday, December 20, 2008

Micro Minis -Father Christmas and Elf

He measures 5/12 inch tall plus hat, has a red suit trimmed with white “fur”, black boots and belt (with gold buckle), green mittens and comes with a silk toy sack.

This Christmas Elf is made from the tiny wire candy canes that were sold to decorate miniature trees. It is about 5/12th of an inch tall. He (or she if you wish) wears a green tunic, hat and shoes and got himself tangled in gold garland while trying to decorate the toy shop tree!

As well as 1:12 scale, there's also 1:144 scale.

This is from Weefolkandfantasy. And yes, they are real. They're either people for a 1:144 scale house, or ornament size for a 1:12 scale. A dollhouse for a dollhouse if you will.

So here, 1:144 scale Father Christmas, and Elf.


Debbie said...

Fantastic little creations..

corrin said...

Those are fabulous. Too cute!

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