Saturday, December 6, 2008

Midnight in the Secret Garden of the Fairies

This was made by a friend of mine.

This impressive structure is based on an old Medieval walled town in Germany. It’s a Tower, with a walkway on one side of the wall,and a garden with a water fountain on the other side. The Tower is three floors; dungeon, middle floor landing, and the lookout area. An archway on the ground level is the entry into the garden.

All of the faux stonework and shingles are hand-carved, each
individually out of Creative Paperclay® and hand painted and
aged. There are real glass tile in the fountain and raised patio area. The structure is fully electrified from original torches on the walls, to the blue neon-like light that shines from under the eves, archways, and inside of the water fountain. This blue light produces moonlight like shine in the dark. The moon dial and the trunk-pedestal it’s on also glows blue from within.

The tower is removable for access to maintain the wiring,
along with the doorway under the stairs that allows access to the light controls.

Over 800 hours went into this piece.
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