Monday, December 29, 2008

Something New

Make Friends!

Do you mourn your lack of friends who are interested in miniatures? This is a new site I've made which I hope will be able to bring new friends together!
Join to find new msn friends, email friends, club members, business partners, snail mail pals, etc!

edit: it's a bit glitchy, but if you do what it says and try again, it usually works. Thanks for your patience!


Debbie said...

Hi, Just written about your new site on my blog. I've joined.. I'll also add the site to my Mini Links Site..

The Carolina Quilter said...

I just had a lady who lives in my same county e-mail to say she had found me through this blog! Thank you--we plan to meet some time to discuss mini's!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Living said...

I'm very glad that I was able to help two people have a better miniatures experience!

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