Monday, December 29, 2008

Boy's Bedroom On Christmas Morning- Sixties

It's Christmas Morning in England in the 60s- His parents said he couldn't wake them up until sunrise- they want their sleep in! So he left his blind up so that he could wake up straight away!
Then they'll be rushing around opening presents and cooking. He's only about six years old, yet he's already got a Beatles poster from an older sibling.

Almost everything in this box was made by hand by my mother and I, or at least put together by hand. We made it as proof that you can make fantastic miniatures without spending a fortune! You could do a whole house like this.
The books on the bedside table are Winnie the Pooh and Pookie. Anyone remember Pookie?
He's left his snowflake making on the window seat.
The toys on the shelves include...
a felt rabbit, a kite, a toy boat, a book about golliwogs, a bouncy ball, a pair of binoculars, some teddies, 'Peter Rabbit Goes To School', a clown money box, an Enid Blyton book, a toy fire engine, a toy train, an ant farm, a photo of his family, a pack of pencils, a bag of marbles and a cup and ball.

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