Monday, January 26, 2009

Being Featured/Meme

Have you been featured on Fluffy Bricks? Want to show off about that?
Here's two images that you could use to tell your blog or website that you have been featured- you can attach a link to your fluffybricks submission behind it, or put a link below!

Also, FluffyBricks now has its own Meme Award.
All Fluffybricks followers can use this award- It works like a normal meme. You post the picture up on your site, and then nominate 5 people who you think deserve a mention for their beautiful or strange miniatures- things that would be worthy of Fluffy Bricks. Then they save the award, and nominate it to 5 more people. The nominations can be from anywhere. Websites, Livejournal, Blogger, Wordpress, a miniatures forum, anywhere! You could nominate their whole blog, or individual pictures! And you have a choice of two Meme images.

I'd like to nominate- Everyone who has been accepted on Fluffy Bricks so far!

If you have suggestions of different images I could use, or you wouldn't mind me using one of your images, please, suggest it!

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