Sunday, January 25, 2009

Firefox trouble

Sorry, Firefox is 'being a vixen' today.
It's not letting me open more than one window, and apparently, tabs and popups, including the one that comes up when you put photos into blogspot, are right out.

I'll get the next lot of photos up as soon as I can.

I've got a 'links post' below, perhaps some of you might be interested in participating?

I've added to the events and the media on the 'miniature penfriends' part of the site- give it a look!

Here's a question for you all- What first inspired you to be interested in miniatures?

(best answers will go on the website!)

If anyone has Australian themed dollhouse items, I'd love it if you'd submit photos of them!


The Carolina Quilter said...

What first inspired me? I had a dollhouse as a child and my favorite book was The Tall Book of Make Believe, a collection of poetry illustrated by Garth Williams. One of my favorites inside this book was about a little man who lived in a little tree house with a tiny little bed, a tiny little cat, etc. I've always loved miniature items and make believe and how the two can be co-related.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Anonymous said...

I have always liked looking at miniatures and my husband decided to buy me a dollhouse three years ago. I never had one as a child but now as a senior I am discovering a whole new world. Once the house was built I started to make items to put inside and I was "hooked". I have found this to be a wonderful, relaxing hobby that has given me a lot of pride and satisfaction. I discovered a talent that I never knew I had.

dieastra said...

I just found this blog linked in a LJ. Wonderful place!

In answer to your question:

Because of the space it would have taken (we only lived in a little apartment) I never had a dollhouse as a child, but had puppets and little stuff, so when I wanted to play I used domino bricks as walls. That way I always could change the layout. Some day I realized that I had much more fun building und decorating than actually playing with it. And I loved the house my friend had, an old one from her mother with much nicer things than my plastic ones.

Later I bought all kind of miniatures, just for display in shadowboxes and such.

Recently I got into it all again once I started to buy the 6" "Stargate" actionfigures. Now me and my friends (grown women) play with "puppets" again and I can use all the little things I have collected over the years, and started to make some myself, also.

Greetings from Germany


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