Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brazilian Pink Toe Tarantula Terrarium

"This 1/12th scale (1" = 1') miniature tarantula is the most realistic tarantula I've made to date. The photos do not do him justice. When seen in person, people often ask me if he is, or was at one time, alive. Please note: No spiders were harmed in the making of this highly detailed miniature replica!

The tarantula is made of polymer clay and flocked for realism. He has glass eyes. He is approximately 1/2" in diameter, scale for a full-grown tarantula. His little home measures 2 1/8" long by 1 1/8" deep by 3/4" high and is complete with sand, greenery, half-log hideout, and filled 'water' dish.

He posed for the second photo before being glued into his home as these little guys are extremely difficult to photograph inside their plastic vivariums."

By WhimsyCottageMinis


Debbie said...

Gosh, It does look real. Fantastic work..

ettarose said...

Hello there, I appreciate the visit to my blog and I glad you found me. I LOVE miniatures and not everyone understands why. I do not even know myself. I do not do dollhouses. I have shadow boxes all over the place. I have so many I have put a lot of them away. I gather mine from gumball machines, toys that come with little play extras. I have tiny filled bottles of perfume. You get the picture.One of these days I may get into making some things. I also make my own miniature earrings.

ettarose said...

Me again. I have been reading through your posts and forgive me if I missed something but I was wondering, have you thought of having guests do "how to" posts? I am sure there are many newbies who would love to know how to make some of these things.

Living said...

Hi Ettarose! Nice to see you here- hey that's alright, not all miniaturists have to have dollhouses!

If anyone wanted to submit a 'how to' post involving photos, I'd love that.

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