Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello everyone! No update today, because I'm in the middle of a house cleaning adventure. Today I rediscovered my polly pockets, my little ponies, trolls, soft toys, and 'Quints'. Remember those?
I'm sure that I loved polly pockets and quints more than usual people do, because I was such a miniaturist even then! I also found my 'String Family'- anyone remember those books? I made my own string family and they had a house in one of my drawers. Good times! For some reason I didn't make "Borrowers", because I thought hey, if they're real, they don't need me to make a little pretend home for them- they wouldn't live in it anyway.

I'll count up the points for the competition as soon as I have time- if there are any you haven't claimed, now's your chance.

I'm also on a really bad laptop that keeps clicking on the middle of sentences as I'm typing, and it's 41 degrees today, yes that's right, celcius, and I'm supposed to be helping find a host for the next step in my internet empire that a friend and I are creating. You heard it here first folks, we're creating a site for 'good news'. And then many more sites after it. Any profits from this website, and this blog too by the way, goes towards our websites, and also to helping him raise enough money for a PHD. Yes, we have high hopes. But every little bit counts, right?

Also, I'd LOVE more photo submissions from people. Don't be afraid! My cache of photos grows ever smaller, and this is your chance to show off! Or if you know of someone who does some great things, pass me their contact details. You do'nt need to have a shop, or be an artisan.


Debbie said...

I still have a couple of Trolls somewhere.

Anonymous said...

You posted a comment on my blog and as I am really new to blogging, I do not know the best way to answer it. Do I comment on my own blog to answer your question or come here to answer it? Anyway, yes you can post my pictures on your blog if you like. I would be honoured.

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