Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spilled Vase of Flowers

Miniaturists often enjoy setting up scenes in their dollhouses, and come up with this sort of miniature!

Six beautiful pale pink roses sculpted individually from polymer clay are set into clear polymer clay ‘water’ in a tiny real glass vase. A little green lichen is added for foliage.
Each rose is made in two slightly different tones of pink for added realism.

Unfortunately the vase has been knocked over and some of the water has already spilled out.

If you pick it up, the 'water' is stiff and immoveable, so you can place the 'spilled flowers' anywhere you want!

This example is by Carol.


SleightGirl said...

That is so cool!

knitsational said...

That is very cool! How creative.

walkonred said...

hi there! thanks for replying in my blog post and let me tell you how much it widen my knowledge when it comes to miniatures! I sooo love your creations and I am already thinking now of starting on my own -from scratch,completely. Thus I wonder how will I be able to do it.

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