Sunday, January 18, 2009

Microscopic Sculptures

Has everyone seen Willard Wigan?

I don't have permission to post his photos on this blog (Haven't asked, maybe I will one day) but I thought you might like to see the link! You can also look at him on tv, on youtube. It's fascinating.
He makes art that you need a microscope to see, and fits into the eye of a needle.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a couple of videos about his work and it is unbelievable. I don't even want to try 144th scale as I think THAT is too small. If you haven't seen his work yet you really should take a peek.

rosanna said...

I have seen one of his works at Montelimar museum: three camels going INSIDE the eye of a needle.Just amazing

Little Luxuries said...

I saw a segment about him on 60 Minutes. Tiny as his works are, they're done entirely by hand. His motor skills are nothing short of superhuman!

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